Peregrine Travel Inc. appointed as the Authorized Agent for Ticket Sales in United States by the 2010 Shanghai World Expo
Peregrine Travel Group is honored and proud to be appointed by the 2010 World Expo as the official "authorized agent" for ticket sales for the World Expo Tickets in United States. The 2010 World Expo will be held in Shanghai Pudong, China between May 1 2010 — October 31 2010. The theme of this world expo is "Better City, Better Life". In 1800, only 2 percent of the global population lived in cities, but by 1950, the figure had risen to 29 percent, and by 2000, almost half the world population had moved into cities. The United Nations estimates the urban population will account for 55 percent of the total human population by 2010. Despite all its glories, there is no denying that the city today, because of high-density living patterns, faces a series of challenges, such as spatial conflicts, cultural collisions, resource shortages and environment degeneration. Without effective controls, the unchecked expansion of cities will aggravate these problems and consequently erode the quality of urban life. As the Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements, issued at the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) reaffirms "Our cities must be places where human beings lead fulfilling lives in dignity, good health, safety, happiness and hope." All the problems facing the city, including congestion, pollution, crime and conflict, are believed to have originated from the discords between man and nature, between man and man, and between spiritual and material aspects of life. It is also maintained that such discord, if left unattended, will inevitably lead to the decline of the quality of life in cities and even the degeneration of human civilization.

It is in the face of such discord that Expo 2010 Shanghai China proposes the concept of a "City of Harmony" responding to the appeal for "Better City, Better Life." The "City of Harmony" features harmonious co-existence of diverse cultures, harmonious economic development, harmonious living in the age of science and technology, harmonious functioning of communities, the cells of the city, and harmonious interactions between urban and rural areas.

The 2010 World Expo is unique in many ways:

  • This will be the biggest World Expo held so far, with over 185 countries and 45 international organizations have already signed up,
  • Largest World Expo site ever, with over 3.5 square miles
  • Largest attendance expected, with over 70 million attendees, including an estimate of close to 5 million from outside of China
  • Every one of the European Common Market Countries have signed up to participate
  • The 2010 World Expo will take place in China, the fastest growing economy in the world.

Some of the key benefits of attending the 2010 World Expo:

  • Learn about the latest technologies for "Better City, Better Life" showcased by over 185 countries in the world
  • Opportunity to appreciate the diversity of cultures from over 185 countries
  • Opportunity to visit China, the fastest growing economy in the world
  • Opportunity to meet new friends from the different parts of the world

Peregrine Travel will provide the following products and services:

  • 2010 World Expo Tickets
  • Pre-Packaged Travel from all destinations over the world (with 2010 World Expo Tickets) (Commissionable to Travel Professionals)
  • FIT's from all destinations over the world (with 2010 World Expo Tickets) (Commissionable to Travel Professionals)
  • Group Travel from all destinations over the world (Commissionable to Travel Professionals)
  • Hospitality programs and events planning around the 2010 World Expo

Furthermore, please contact us at should you be interested to:

  • sign up as a sub-agent to distribute the World Expo Tickets in United States.
  • advertise in our official World Expo Ticket Sales web site

Please go to to sign up and provide us with you email address so that we will keep you posted once our web site is up and running (expected by end of March 2009).
The prices of the World Expo Tickets will increase with each of the four phases. Furthermore, hotel prices will also go up as time approaches the 2010 World Expo starting May 1 2010. With all this in mind, it is highly recommended to buy the tickets and / or Travel Packages as early as possible.

World Expo Certificate

Mr. Paul Lam, CEO of Peregrine Travel Inc.
signing the U.S.A. Distributorship Agreement at the World Expo

Mr. Paul Lam, CEO of Peregrine Travel Inc.
shaking hands with the Executive Director of World Expo

Mr. Paul Lam, CEO of Peregrine Travel Inc.
with the Certificate of U.S.A. Distributorship of World Expo

World Expo Site


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