California Trade Delegation China Trip

Since 2007, China was the fourth largest trading partner of California, with over thirty percent of the Chinese imports entering into United States through Los Angeles ports alone. To further promote trade and cultural exchanges with China, California Lt.Governor John Garamendi support leveraging on California's ethnic & cultural diversity (11 million Asians based on the 2000 census), strategic location (state closest to Asia), and robust GDP (ranked eighth in the world as a nation). Given the relationships with the Chinese Government and the business communities, Mr. Paul Lam, CEO of Peregrine Travel Group, was appointed by Lt. Governor Garamendi as a member of the California Commission for Economic Development (CED). Mr. Lam was asked by the Lt. Governor to assist as a liaison between the CED and the Chinese business and government representatives for the purpose of organizing a delegation from California to China in early 2009. The objectives of the delegation visit included: (1) promote mutual trade, investments, and cultural exchanges between California and China, specifically, Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai (2) identify business sectors, services, and industries in the areas of agriculture, computer technology, alternative energy, investment banking, ports, and tourism where California and Beijing/Xi'an/Shanghai businesses can cooperate (3) bring California leaders to China so that Chinese businesses are encouraged and enabled to invest and buy from California companies. On Feb 19, 2009 the California Trade Delegation led by Mr. Paul Lam arrived in China for a 10-day trip visiting the three major cities, Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai. As the trip was coming to an end at the last stop in Shanghai, members of the delegation all agreed the professionalism, organization, hospitality, and high quality of services provided by Peregrine Travel Group were most outstanding and impressive. Some members were heard saying, "I'll never forget this trip. It was the most successful and memorable one."

Highlights of California Trade Delegation Trip

As the capital of China, Beijing was first stop for the Delegation members. They were warmly received by the local government. With the assistance of CCPIT Beijing (China Council for Promotion of International Trade), the Delegation met with local businesses and visited China Administration of Agriculture, Tourism, Science and Technology and Food Safety Bureau. The meetings with the local government and businesses had given the delegation members new insight and knowledge of present economic and technology situation in China.

Meet with CCPIT
Meet with China National Tourism Administration
Showcase of California Agriculture Products Event

Agriculture is the leading industry in the state of California. Dairy products from California were well received by the Chinese businesses during the Delegation Trip. The California Milk Advisory Board, representing the agriculture industry on this California Trade Delegation Trip, showcased their products by hosting an elegant dinner event for the local Chinese businesses and government representatives during their last evening stay in Beijing.


Xian was selected as the second destination for the Delegation as its significant status in the development of Western China. The delegation members had an opportunity to visit one of Peregrine Travel Group VIP venue, "Pit #5 of the Terra-Cotta Warriors." One of the highlights of the Xian trip was the CNBSTC Meeting & 2009 Sino-America Business Cooperation Conference. At this meeting the California economic leaders and scientists along with their Chinese counterparts shared and exchanged views in areas ranging from Agriculture to IT to Investments. One of the California delegation member was heard saying, "I want to know now; I can't wait for the next day." It was the first time for this delegation member to visit Xian, and he was looking forward to know more about the investment environment of this city and searching for cooperation in hotel investment. He told reporters how he dreamt of establishing his hotel there and naming it "California Hotel."

CNBSTC Meeting & 2009 Sino-America Business Conference
Xian Welcome Ceremoney

Another highlight during the Delegation visit to Xian was on the night of their arrival. They were given the highest level of welcome ceremony by the Provincial Government at the south gate of the old City Wall, a grand reception equivalent to the level given to the highest foreign dignitaries. The reception was staged next to the Bell Tower, center of the city. Important ceremonies organized by the Provincial Government are usually held at the south gate square. At night, on the Suspension Bridge Square, outside the south gate of the City Wall, a mysterious scene was revealed: banners and flags were fluttering, red lanterns hung alongside streets, trumpets were blown and drums were beaten, accompanied by elegant and majestic music. The mighty guards of honor marched out, followed by civil and military officials, then by Xian's foreign relations envoy and finally followed by ladies holding colorful lanterns. Beautiful ladies dressed in the style of Tang Dynasty danced gracefully as they present their honored guests with flowers and fruits. The classical marching-in ceremony began with the war drums and the military marches resumed. The guards of honor started to perform; and Xian's foreign relations envoy shouted unanimously, "Our honored guests are kindly invited to enter the gate."' Led by the beautiful ladies, the delegation members walked through the imperial passage, across the suspension bridge and entered the gate. They participated in the signing ceremony for entering the city and Mr. Paul Lam was given the Key to the City of Xian. Afterwards, they ascended up the City Wall to appreciate the night view of Xian.


As the host city of 2010 World Expo, Shanghai was the last stop for their trip. On the first day of arriving in Shanghai, the delegation members visited the 2010 World Expo Site and met with World Expo department heads. The host country introduced their latest preparation of World Expo and warmly invited America to join in the World Expo. To know more about the modern city of Shanghai, delegation members visited Pudong New District (the fastest developing district of Shanghai). They also attended the Signing Ceremony for Memorandum on Cooperation with Zhangjiang Group, Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.

Visit to Wold Expo 2010 Site
Signing Ceremoney with Zhangjiang Group

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